2017 – The Year of Enlightenment

When the world was getting upside down in the year 2017, it gave birth to two sides of a coin. One side was busy scrolling through their screens and getting in the habit of a digitized generation. Human connections were losing their grip. And on the other side, there was a geek and a corporate genie who found transcendence in the most mundane and ordinary things. She found enrichment in being truly observant of each moment of life, and the true meaning of beauty. Started pouring her creativity into a piece of wooden block and then slowly started shaping her dream.

Creating Something out of Nothing

Reshu Agarwal was slowly trying to come out of the digital abyss that she believed left a huge void among the hearts and souls of everyone. And she wanted to fill that tiny little empty space, that was yearning for human touch, emotions, love, care, and simply the joy of existence. The dearth of human touch and art came together to give birth to their lovechild – NUNMUN.

Birth of NUNMUN

NUNMUN – like the very first words coming out from a child’s mouth, sounding like a love language that only people who care can understand. A handcrafted wooden piece, exchanged between people to express their genuine and purest emotions to each other.

By manifesting a human touch, we carve art that explores emotions in the most profound way, evoking the poignancy of the daily activities. Gift cards, keychains, car hangings, magnets, home and wall decor – creating pieces of wood that soothe the souls. Our journey started by refining the art pieces on Lathe, a machine. And from there we produced our first ever wooden figurine.

Manifesting Our Ideas

The dearth of art, emotions, and humanity in our lives gave us a stepping stone to reach the hearts or people. And it took its own sweet time. We started testing our products in RWA’s in 2019. It grew to showcasing our little figurines in the flea markets with an amazing response at Li’l Flea Delhi, 2020. As we grew further, Amazon launchpads, LBB, Okhai, and Zwende graced our presence on their platforms.

The Things That Keep Us Going

The pandemic hit everyone hard, and people realized how precious it is to be with your loved ones. During those tough times we made sure to keep offering our crafted pieces of love that they can hold on to. And we made our first online sale in the year 2020. Ever since then there was no turning back. We started achieving bigger milestones, be it brand collaborations or workshop for employees of MNCs, we have done it all and want to do more!

Why Shop With Nunmuns


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