Groove with MJ Hanging - 9cm

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Hold onto this hanging of MJ to inspire and ignite a fire of magic within you.

About this item

  • A little ray of sunshine peeking through your car mirrors is sometimes all that you need to start your day on a “sunny” note. How about adding a Nunmun to reflect those sun rays and strike right at your heart? Traffic jams and radios, potholes and honking - keep all of them at bay when you look at these Nunmuns sending a smile your way.
  • Material & Care: NUNMUN is hand-crafted out of wood, care, and love. For cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush, and keep the tiny souls away from moisture.
  • Contains 1 NUNMUN measuring 9* 2.5 cm which weighs 150 gm respectively. One with rope on its head & one as a collectible for your own little space. The NUNMUN will come in premium packaging which completes our hand-blended recipe of the ideal nun-day. Sunday, who?
  • Reignite the tenderness and humanity in your technologically congested life with the comfort and warmth each NUNMUN brings with it.; Note from brand owners, not all NUNMUN will be identical as they are hand-painted with love, affection, and beautiful detailing. There can be slight differences that make every NUNMUN one-of-a-kind
  • Each NUNMUN  gives a definition to your bohemian decor of spaces illuminating the human spirit.
  • Note all our NUNMUN aren't super identical as every single one of them is fully handmade with gentle hands and with lots of love;

        Nunmun - A Forever Memory

        NUNMUN is a unique & thoughtful way of gifting the purest form of emotions to whom you love and care for. NUNMUN never fails to bring happiness on the faces. Experience gifting NUNMUN the next special occasion you encounter be it a Birthday , Anniversary , Wedding ceremony, House Warming, Colleague’s farewell or any occasion to make it memorable.

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