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Learn From The Experts And Join Our #Nunmuncreators Club

Nunmun has a bunch of creative minds to let you guide through the process of spreading love with these tiny wooden pieces. Carving, painting, personalizing, and packaging - learn all the basics in our workshops. Don’t forget to bring your hearts filled with hopes and dreams; they can come quite “handy”. Once you create your masterpiece share the picture with us and become a part of our #Nunmuncreators club.

Who We Are

NUNMUN is handcrafted wooden figurine which is a unique & thoughtful way of gifting the purest form of emotions to whom you love and care for.
NUNMUN is the true personification of the soul within vivid characters around, inspiring us all every moment. Crafted & Engraved with human hands for the love of ecstasy. Every Nunmun that you buy gives life to humane within you and pays tribute to craftsmanship of eternal bliss.

Nunmun DIY KIT

Get your art supplies and join the #Nunmuncreators club.