Personalised Miniatures Keychain / Hanging

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Melting Hearts with Thoughtful Personalization

Tailor-made with love and care, these heart-warming wooden pieces by Nunmun are going to hit hard with a beaming sense of nostalgia. That picture you took at your best friend’s wedding? That unplanned family trip by the sea? Our personalized Nunmuns are full of transcendence giving you a sense of belonging that’s exclusively yours.

Who We Are

NUNMUN is a handcrafted wooden figurine which is a unique & thoughtful way of gifting the purest form of emotions to whom you love and care. Not an absolute utility though, however never fails to bring happiness on the faces. Experience gifting NUNMUN the next special occasion you encounter be it a Birthday , Anniversary , Wedding ceremony, House Warming or a Colleague’s farewell.

NUNMUN is a soul within tiny wooden pieces narrating a treasure trove of life and moments that inspires. Crafted & Engraved with human hands for the love of ecstasy. Every Nunmun that you buy gives life to humane within you and pays tribute to craftsmanship of eternal bliss.